The following services are provided by Allstate Background Searches, LLC.

Background Checks

California Background Search Services

Looking to hire? In these difficult times, it’s best practices and common sense to conduct a background check on candidates before hiring. Our Basic Search includes:

  • Address History
  • Social Security Verification
  • Federal and County Criminal Record (up to 4 counties)
  • Sex Offender Registry Record
  • Bankruptcy Report

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Tenant Screenings

Reliable tenant screening is an important tool for every landlord. Protect your property, your income, and your existing tenants by letting Allstate Background Searches, LLC perform services to help you complete your due diligence before you rent. We provide credit reports, eviction records, and run criminal checks on your prospective renters.

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Credit Reports

Credit Reports are essential for landlords. Make sure your future tenant can pay the bills.

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DMV Reports

Absolutely critical for jobs that involve driving, transit, and transportation of goods and people, the DMV Report services provided by Allstate Background Searches, LLC will provide you with the most complete driving record of your applicant allowed by law.

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California Worker’s Compensation Reports

Lean an applicant’s Worker’s Compensation history in California.

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Employment Verifications

In today’s lean job market, resume padding is a common way for employees to “up” themselves on the competition. Allstate Background Searches, LLC provides services to verify the places your employee claims to have worked and the times worked there.

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Education Verifications

One of the most common areas of resume fraud occurs when applicants embellish or lie about their education. Many employers set a new hire’s starting wage or salary in part on educational experience, making this an alluring target for disingenuous applicants. Allstate Background Searches, LLC will contact the institution that granted the degree or certificate and verify dates of attendance, degree, major or program, and graduation date, if applicable.

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Bankruptcy Checks

Allstate Background Searches, LLC will search bankruptcy court records for Chapter 7, Chapter 11 or Chapter 13 filings. Bankruptcy occurs when a debtor approaches the court and says that they do not have the assets to pay their creditors. Chapter 7 is filed if a debtor is trying to get complete relief, Chapter 11 is filed when a business wants to have time to reorganize and refinance in attempt to place them in a better position to pay debt and Chapter 13 is filed to try to get a manageable repayment plan.

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