About Allstate Background Searches, LLC

Why Allstate Backgrounds Searches, LLC?

Before you hire, studies suggest that it is recommended to invest in a comprehensive background pre-employment screening report on your prospective applicant. The Society for Human Resource Management states that 22% of job applicants use false claims.

Allstate Background Searches, LLC. has been providing pre-employment screening for years. We’re licensed and insured, and make it fast, easy and affordable to obtain a complete background report on your potential employee.

The Allstate Difference

We do not rely on impersonal software to conduct our relations with clients, nor do we send your work out of country like many of our competitors; instead, our trained staff of professionals conduct all searches personally using established vendor relationships to save you money and ensure reliability, and then we provide you with a customized presentation of our findings. We are always available to answer your questions personally, and remedy any issues you might have.

It does not matter if you are a large corporation, or a small business just starting out, you need to have reliable, qualified employees. Unfortunately, in today’s world, it is far too risky to assume that everyone who comes in for an interview is trustworthy and honest. Take the time and invest ahead of time, to be sure you are making the right choice.

Our Services

We provide background checks and services in the following fields:

  • Address History
  • Social Security
  • Federal Criminal Background Check
  • County Criminal Background Check
  • Sex Offender
  • Bankruptcy
  • Credit Report
  • DMV Report
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Employment Verification
  • Education Verification


The office for Allstate Background Search, LLC is in Sacramento, California. We work with companies nationwide and specialize in the following areas of Southern California:

    Location - Allstate Background Searches

  • Los Angeles
  • Ventura
  • Orange
  • San Bernadino
  • San Diego
  • San Francisco
  • Santa Barbara
  • Riverside Counties

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